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Elvira Godfrey

An “untrained artist,” St. Louis-born Elvira Godfrey has spent much of a lifetime closely studying details of the world she loves. She has come late in life to accept her unruly muse and her convictions, as poet Wallace Stevens tells us, that “...things/Wink as they will.”                     
Traveling extensively in her early life through Europe, Africa, and Mexico, Elvira settled down in her mid-twenties to marriage, raising a son, and a quiet, rural Wisconsin life. But she continued her close and passionate observation of and interaction with the incredible world around her.       

Encouraged, then, by her husband and son, Elvira began recording her vision of reality. First in stick pen and Chinese ink, then in watercolor, finally in pen and ink. Her art flows loosely in minimal, fluid lines, often suggesting more than depicting, sometimes enhanced by just a touch of watercolor. She cam to focus on the beauty of the human nude as her favorite subject.

Elvira’s move to New Mexico 23 years ago was, in part, dictated by her love for the vast simplicity of elements there, akin to the minimal lines of her artistic vision. There, then, she continues to record her unique vision.

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