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 Coffees:  Hot or Iced One Size

Americano ~ 2oz Espresso and Hot Water $4

Latte ~ 2oz Espresso and Steamed Milk topped with Foam $5

Cappuccino ~ 2oz Espresso, Steamed Milk and extra Foam $5

Perfect Cup ~ 2oz Espresso, 1oz Honey, 3oz Water, 1oz Cream $4

Insomniac ~ Drip Coffee with 2oz Espresso $4

Mocha ~ 2oz Espresso, Chocolate and Steamed Milk $5

Pour Over ~ Our Specialty! An Indivdually Brewed Cup Of $4

Cold Brew ~ Brewed over at least 24 hours at Room Temp! $5


Teas: Hot or Iced One Size

Tea ~ Freshly steeped just for you $4

Tea Latte ~ Freshly Steeped with Steamed Milk $5


Other Drinks: Hot or Iced One Size

Cocoa ~ Honey Based Chocolate and Vanilla with Steamed Milk $3

Steamer ~ Steamed Milk with Your Flavor of Choice $3

Honey Soda ~ Honey Based Flavoring with Sparkling Water $5

Lemonade ~ Sweetened with Honey $5


Add an extra Espresso Shot for $1

Substitute Oat Milk, Soy Milk, or Almond Milk for $2


February Specials

Cupid's Kiss ~ White Chocolate Mocha with Strawberry $5

Dirty Little Secret ~ Dirty Chai Latte $5

Innocent Flirting ~ Chico Cherry Tea $4

Long Distance Love ~ Vanilla Cold Brew with Cream $5

Puppy Love ~ Strawberry Hot Cocoa $3


February Pour Overs $4

White Chocolate Raspberry ~ The beans are flavored durning the roast. Great way to add flavor without extra sugar or calories!

Kenyan - Single Orgin Bean

Sasquatch Blonde ~ Mild Flavor with more caffiene than a medium or dark roast


Pastries $4


Don't see your favorite drink? Just ask and we will try to make it happen!



* All prices include sales tax

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