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I am a collector of stories, real and imagined. I look for them not only in people, but in the objects we surround ourselves with. When I wander through a museum, a junk shop, a busy street, or a new space, I look for narratives in the familiar and unfamiliar artifacts around me. I wonder about trinkets, filled up with the stories of strangers, and what happens to those tales when the context, or the person is gone.


I rely on simplified forms and repetitive movements, marks and processes to build work that feels both familiar and unknown. I let the pieces talk to each other within a space, and look to those conversations for inspiration.


My work has rarely lived in an online space. This show offers an opportunity to see the narratives change when viewed in a new format! I love that place and context can define our perception and I wonder at the new conversations the work will have with you (and you with it) here.

Brandi Jessup

Artist Statement

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