Gestalt Private Sessions

Gestalt is pleased to offer private in-studio art sessions beginning June 8th! In an effort to provide a fun, safe artistic experience to individuals and families effected by the pandemic, we will be offering socially distanced art sessions 3 days a week. Only one session per day will be available to an individual or family group that has been isolated together. Sessions will be available on each Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting on June 8th and continuing through September 4th. We will start taking reservations on Monday the 18th of May.

These are non-instructed, exploratory art sessions. A variety of materials will be provided and a staff member will be present to demonstrate how those materials can be used and to answer questions.

The cost is $20 for a one-on-one private 2 hour session or $10 per participant for a 2 hour(family)group session. When you book your session, full payment is required. However, because of the uncertainty of group and individual health at any given moment, a full refund will be issued for any cancellation at any time prior to the start of the session.

Scholarships are made available through generous donations by Calli Nissen and Brandi Jessup. Brandi and Calli are donating 50% of the proceeds from the sale of their artwork in their current gallery show - 'Together When'. The other 50% of the show proceeds will go to Partners in Health. All proceeds from this show go to charity so, if you are able, purchase a piece or two! To view the show, click here>


To apply for a scholarship, click here > 


At this time:

   * We will not accommodate groups larger than 7.

   * All members of the group must be living in the same household.

   * Please do not schedule a session if anyone in your household has been sick in the past 2 weeks.

   * Please cancel your session if anyone in your household becomes sick prior to the session.

   * Please do not schedule a session if anyone in your household is 'high risk'

   * Children younger than 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

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You can also schedule a session by calling the studio at 764-2389 or email us using the form below. 

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